keep yourself. change your course.


get closer to your core: career and transition coaching

If there is one thing I've learned over the last ten years - besides a whole lot of how to make toasted sandwiches and get babies to sleep - it's that the world is changing too fast for us to remain still.  Our grandparents' generation typically worked in one career for life. That generation also worked for an average of 15 years less than we will, and likely 30 years less than our kids will (where's that little "wow" emoticon thingey?). They also weren't exposed to rapidly changing industries and technology that's hard to keep up with like we are. And certainly 1 in 3 of them didn't experience job burnout...

Through my work curating TEDxAmsterdamED I discovered a passion for helping people create new paths and make meaningful change. Easily; hassle free; mapped to the core of who they are. Because I believe that no matter what we transform into during the course of our lives, our core remains in tact and

I became an Integral Coach through an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified program offered through Integral Coaching Canada in 2016, and take a holistic, developmental approach to career and change exploration.

Each month I am able to take on one new career coaching client for a 3-6 month program. I also offer a one-time clarity session based on the Integral approach with feedback and practices for 250 euros. This is usually by Skype but may be at my office in Amsterdam.


Deep dive and come up for air together.

Sometimes you need to get a better look at the paths you're on and the ones that are available to you.

For me, there is no better way to get out of my head and get more clarity than being out in the great outdoors. This is especially true as someone who has never been the "outdoorsy type." And in these walks I've found there is something amazingly refreshing and metaphoric about: 1) airing your clarity needs in the open air and 2) talking sideways about your path while intuitively taking paths in the forest or dunes.

We'll spend two hours in either the Amsterdam forest or the Kennemer dunes, after which you'll get insight notes from me. a follow up call or walk is also possible. Pricing begins at 250 euros.

Please reach out to schedule your session and be sure to let me know the dates and locations.  Walks are 98% rain or shine and season independent! Only mild physical fitness is required and we can adapt our route and activities to accommodate most physical limitations or needs.