the content and coaching to get the most out of your story and tell it like a prO. Read below for what we offer or get in touch and let us know what you need.


Talk like it's TED.

Give a TEDx-quality talk time every time you present.

My background as a TEDx founder who has curated and/or coached nearly 70 TEDx talks and acts, combined with a long career as a communications specialist and an enormous passion for helping people spread their big vision,  offers speakers not only help with presenting, but also with crafting brilliant content.

No matter where you're speaking next, certain techniques and the perfect content can bring your speech from good to amazing. My 1:1 speaker coaching helps you find your voice (if it had been lost) and craft your talks so that they're memorable, meaningful and perfectly you.

Get in touch for bespoke packaging based on either ongoing speaking needs or coaching to help you prepare for a specific presentation, interview or speech. And don't forget to download my guide on how to get more speaking engagements for free today!

ideas worth recording: video presentation coaching and training.

Of all the communication options available to you, telling your stories on video might contain the greatest possibilities to scale your business and grow your customer base.  

Our video training course contains modules that will get you to the core of your content, work on framework, body language, natural presenting and camerawork. You will benefit from strategic feedback with tips and tricks from my 20+ year background in journalism, marketing and communications.

Programs vary from 2 to 6 sessions and bespoke programs are also available. Pricing begins at 420 euros for two sessions including 1:1 coaching that dives right into your work and gets analytical for fast results and measurable ROI. If you know you're ready to do more with video and want to see how, get in touch to schedule a complimentary 20 minute discovery call to learn more.